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The mission of the Michigan Hunter-Jumper Association (MHJA) is to enhance and stimulate the sport of riding and showing Hunters and Jumpers in Michigan. The MHJA works to provide uniform standards for all Association shows which establish safe, consistent, and fair competition. The MHJA not only encourages each exhibitor to perform to the best of their ability, it also encourages exhibitors and spectators to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

The MHJA show season begins on October 1 and extends through September 30. Individual championships are awarded in all MHJA divisions at each horse show. In addition, members and recorded horses may earn points throughout the MHJA season towards annual championship awards in each MHJA division.

The MHJA provides for three levels of competition. Regular Member shows, also known as the "B-Circuit" shows, are the highest level of competition the MHJA offers. Some exhibitors use the Regular Member shows to prepare for competition in nationally recognized American Horse Show Association shows, also known as the USEF or "A-Circuit". "C-Circuit" shows provide a good starting point for novice exhibitors. This competition is designed to encourage exhibitors to develop the skill and confidence they will need when they move on to compete at the more advanced levels. Pony Circuit shows provide an environment where ponies compete according to their height and experience. Classes are especially designed for the younger rider.

People/Farms/Businesses Who Want to Become Donor Sponsors - We are looking for Donor Sponsors for newsletters, banquet program, banquet decorations, banquet refreshments, banquet ribbons, and door prizes. Your donation is tax deductible. Please send an email through "Contact Us" or phone 248-892-6806.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 Regular Member Medal Champions!

Open Junior Medal - Jane Smith

Open Adult Medal - Hilary Marx

Limit Junior Medal - Eva Bugis

Limit Adult Medal - Jennifer Vandenboss

Young Riders Medal - Sophia Hall

MHJA Low Adult Medal - Erin Belanger

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 C Circuit Medal Champions!

Intermediate Junior Medal - Katie Oswalt

Intermediate Adult Medal - Megan Wessels

MHJA Junior/Adult Mini Medal - Brynn McGowan

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 Pony Medal Champion!

Pony Medal - Sara Smolinski

Pony Mini Medal - Katie Gould

CONGRATULATIONS to the Annual Arlene Bates Toyne Memorial
Sportsmanship Award Winners!

ADULT - Erica Heintz        JUNIOR - Jane Smith

CONGRATULATIONS to the Annual MHJA Scholarship Winners!

Meg Vindishman      Morgan Leja      Jane Smith

Scholarship Donations

The MHJA is proud to announce our government classification as a 501(c)3 charity, which permits us to offer you a tax exemption for your donation to our scholarship fund. Donations will be accumulated in a separate account and 100% of this money will be used for scholarships. The MHJA will continue to donate money to this fund each year and we hope to add donations from members and businesses. The MHJA is pleased to help further the college education of our Junior and Adult members and we hope you will all join us in this opportunity. Individuals or businesses may donate in many ways, for example in their name, in memory of a person or horse, or anonymously.

All contributors will receive a tax exempt letter from the MHJA for their tax records.

Annual Championships

To be eligible for the Annual Championship the following conditions must be met:

  • Equitation Division - Riders must be current season MHJA Members.
  • Hunter and Jumper Divisions - Horses and Ponies must be recorded with the MHJA each year and the owner must be a current season MHJA member.